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NEW Check Options Available - Harland Clarke

United Prairie Bank is excited to offer new check options to you through our new partnership with Harland Clarke.  You can order your checks online or at the bank.  We can help you choose from one of the new, affordable check options available.

ATTENTION ONLINE ORDERS: If you choose to order your checks online, you will be required to fill in zeros before your account number to equal a total of 12 digits.  For example, if your account number is 12345, you need to fill in 000000012345 (12 digits) for your account number in the Harland Clarke online ordering portal.  See the illustration below:

 Harland Clarke Order


Consumer Scam Alert

Cyber criminals are preying on American tax payers that have made the April 15th deadline and are now waiting to hear about their refund. There is a massive phishing scam going on right now which tries to trick consumers into opening a Microsoft Word attachment. But if they do, all their files will get hijacked and encrypted. If that happens, a person can only get their files back after paying around a $500 ransom demanded by the hijackers. Remember, think before you click, and do not open any attachments you did not ask for!


Debit Card Fraud Alert

Sally Beauty recently announced a data breach in which customer debit card information may be at risk. Please visit  the Sally Beauty site for specific and up-to-date information on this incident.

Here is what United Prairie Bank will be doing to address this situation for our customers:

  • Placing orders of new cards for customers on a case-by-case basis if the customer makes a request. We do not currently have plans to automatically re-issue cards at this point.

    Our customers who are concerned they may be affected should:
  • Closely monitor their account and card purchase activities through eBanking, Mobile Banking or their account statements.
  • Be sure to keep their personal and account information private as phishing attempts by those who made the breach could follow. To learn more about your security and phishing, click here.
  • Contact your local United Prairie banker immediately or call our card provider right away if you notice any suspicious activity. (24-hour assistance: 1-800-472-3272)