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United Prairie
Debit Cards

The United Prairie Debit Card offers ultimate convenience in your wallet. Our debit card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It works just like a check, but easier! No writing, just quick and easy swiping at the cash register and the money comes right out of your checking account like a check.

Using your debit card is more rewarding than ever before with our new checking accounts. Swiping your card can now earn you points, ATM fee refunds and even CASH BACK!
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If debit cards are new to you, there may be some things you are wondering about. Here are a few frequently-asked debit card questions?

What is a PIN-less debit card purchase?

A PIN-less debit card purchase is basically just like it sounds. Any time you do not enter your PIN when completing a transaction, the transaction is PIN-less. Many businesses ask you to run your purchase as a "credit" instead of debit on their machine for a PIN-less transaction. The money still comes directly from your checking account even when ran as a "credit" transaction, you may just need to sign instead of entering your PIN.


Can I get cash-back when making a purchase?

YES! Many merchants offer a cash back feature where you can enter your PIN and request cash back over the amount of your purchase. The dollar amount charged to your account is simply increased by the amount of cash back you request.

You can also use your debit card at any ATM supported by our card networks to make cash withdrawals from your accounts using a PIN. It's easy to get cash anywhere you are! 

*Withdrawal fees may apply.

 What should I do if I lose my Debit Card?

Call us right away. Simply call United Prairie Bank to shut down your card and make arrangements to order a new card. If it's after-hours, please call 1-800-472-3272.


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Redeem them through UChoose Rewards!
The options are endless.

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