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Running a good business means making smart choices when it comes to acquiring equipment. That includes how to finance that equipment.

Ninety percent of American businesses have seen the advantages of leasing. Now, your United Prairie lender can offer sound leasing options for your business.

United Prairie offers competitive, professional leasing through Northland Capital Financial Services, LLC. Working with proactive partners like United Prairie Bank and Northland Capital helps you get the most out of potential leasing advantages.

  • Lease payments may be tax deductible as overhead expenses.
  • Leasing preserves bank lines of credit and requires no collateral beyond the item being leased.
  • Leasing means lower up-front costs.
  • Leasing lets you pay for equipment as you use it, with payments that match the cost of the equipment to the revenue it generates.
  • Leasing provides access to a convenient source of alternative financing.
  • Leasing offers planning flexibility, with the ability to structure payments around the user’s operations.

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