Lost or Stolen Debit or ATM Card?

If your ATM / Debit card is lost or stolen it's important to act quickly!

If you discover your card is missing during regular bank hours, call your local bank immediately and report the loss or theft. If your bank is not open, call 1-800-472-3272. You will be asked for your name and the location of your United Prairie Bank branch.

Don’t know your bank’s phone number?  Click here for contact information. 

Need to add MasterCard SecureCodeTM?

Certain online merchants offer consumers a more secure way to shop on their website.  You can add a personalized SecureCode to your United Prairie MasterCard debit card.  Participating merchants will request you to fill out some additional information upon checkout to add another level of security for your online shopping experience. 

Simply click here to register your card today. You can also reset your SecureCard password or update any information as needed.