Manage Payments

Make Payments with Business Online BillPay

Take control of your money and payments through online BillPay.  YOU schedule and make payments when it works best for your cash flows.  You can set up one-time and recurring payments for ultimate convenience in paying your business expenses.  You can even make payments from your phone using a browser or wherever you can access the internet.

Take advantage of these additional features within BillPay:

  • eBills - Look for the eBills icon with your payees to sign up to start receiving electronic bills from your bill payees.
  • Same day and overnight payments are available through some bill payees to save you from making a late payment. (Additional Fees Apply.)

Receive Payments with Spot Pay

Spot Pay offers your small business the flexibility to be mobile! You can accept debit and credit card payments through your smartphone along with the Spot Pay swipe tool.

The tool simply plugs into your phone to create a mobile card reader.  An easy app steps you through a quick process to complete the transaction and creates a receipt that can be emailed to your customer. Contact us to learn more about Spot Pay.

Merchant Card Services

We also offer Merchant Card Services through our partnership with Harbor Touch. 
Learn more.

Usage fees may apply.