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UChoose Rewards® FAQs

What is UChoose Rewards®?

A rewards program where you earn points every time you use your United Prairie Bank debit card for your PIN-less purchases as well as other points from other Points Incentives Checking account activities. You can also earn additional points for shopping at participating retailers with your card. Redeem your points for anything of your choice from a vast online rewards catalog.

How do I get started?

You must register your card at www.uchooserewards.com before you can begin to earn points. Just click the Register link on the right, under New to UChoose Rewards, enter your card number and then create your User ID and password to access the UChoose Rewards site.

How do I earn points?

Earn points through your Points Incentive Checking account activities. Click here for details.  

Where can I earn points?

Everywhere your card is accepted and you can earn additional points by shopping at participating retailers. View a complete list of participating retailers at www.uchooserewards.com.

What can I get when I redeem my points?

It’s your choice! You can choose from millions of options, whether it’s products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, merchant gift cards or e-certificates, mp3 and game downloads, and more!

We keep track of all the points you earn and will help you find just what you’re looking for when you’re ready to redeem. We even have a Wish List that will help you track when you’ve earned enough to redeem a specific item.

Can I share points with other accounts?

Yes, all cards within an account automatically earn points together. [In addition, if you have multiple debit or credit accounts with United Prairie Bank, you can link them together to earn rewards faster. Just go to the Profile page at www.uchooserewards.com and click on the Learn how link for easy instructions.]

How much does it cost to participate?

There’s no cost. Membership in UChoose Rewards is absolutely free for United Prairie Bank cardholders, so start shopping and earning today.