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Business Savings, Money Market, and certificates of deposit (CDs)



business Savings & Money Market Comparison Chart

Account Business GrowthBusiness Success Money Market 


Basic savings with liquidity for your funds

Check writing available from this savings vehicle

Monthly Transaction Fees
per item over 6 debits



Monthly Service Charge



Monthly Service Charge Waived if Average Minimum Balance




Business CDs

Certificates of Deposit are a great avenue for businesses and non-profits to set aside funds and earn a consistent rate of interest. We can create custom CD terms and rates to fit your funding timing needs.

Concerned about FDIC insurance coverage on your funds? No problem!

We offer IntraFi deposits as an alternative to Treasuries. These funds have access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage through a network that allows you to do all your banking through United Prairie Bank. This feature gives you one trusted source to consolidate your funds through.

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