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Debit Card

United Prairie Debit Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted!
When you use your card, you can earn rewards points on a number of our rewards checking accounts.

Our debit card can be used to get cash at ATM machines all over the country. ATM fee refunds are available on several of our checking accounts.

Sign up your card to earn rewards today.*

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*Available on all Business Checking Accounts and Points Incentives Checking.


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Mobile Wallet for your UP Debit Card 

Add your United Prairie Bank Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet on your phone. You can use your mobile wallet debit card payment anywhere Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay are accepted!

You may be asked to verify your account information when you set up your account, so please have your account information in hand. Believe us… it’s so worth it!

CardValet to manage your card

Lose your card? No problem when you have CardValet. Download the app to access card management tools, such as turning your card on and off.
Other great features allow parents to track and manage their child’s card spending. A great way to teach financial responsibility.

Download CardValet today! 

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Lost your card? Need to activate your card? Pin need reset?

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