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Debit Cards 



Debit Cards

United Prairie Debit Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted!

Our debit card can be used to get cash at ATM machines all over the country.  United Prairie Bank is part of the MoneyPass ATM Network.

You can make surcharge-free withdrawals anytime you use an ATM within the MoneyPass® Network!

MoneyPass is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

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When you use your card, you can earn rewards points with some of our checking accounts. Ask a banker for details. 

Sign up your card to earn rewards today.*

uChoose Rewards

*Available on all Business Checking Accounts and Rewards Checking-Points.


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Interactive Video Player

Mobile Wallet for your UP Debit Card 

Add your United Prairie Bank Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet on your mobile phone. You can use your mobile wallet for payment anywhere Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay are accepted!

You may be asked to verify your account information when you set up your account, so please have your account information in hand. Believe us… it’s so worth it!

ApplePay Set Up

Add your United Prairie Bank Debit Card on your iPhone within the Wallet app. Just tap the plus sign and follow the onscreen instructions. On your iPad, start by opening Settings, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.”

Be sure to make your United Prairie Bank Debit Card your default card! Learn more at

Samsung Pay Set Up

Find the app pre-installed on your Samsung phone or download from the Google Play store. Then, sign in to your Samsung account. Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a pin to authenticate future purchases. Snap a picture of your card and sign where necessary. Your cards are securely backed up and can be restored with your Samsung account. Head over to your favorite store and see how easy it is to check out or add your card online via Samsung Internet.

Learn more on Samsung’s website.

Google Pay Set Up

Download Google Pay app in Google Play store on your Android device. Open the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions. If you have another payment app on your phone, make Google Pay the default payment app for easy access.

Learn more about Google Pay.


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manage your card

Ready for an easier way to manage your cards? Our upgraded card experience puts more control, convenience and safety in your hands. From instant card activations to clearer merchant transaction info to robust fraud protections, now you can do even more from one convenient place in the United Prairie Mobile App!

  • Turn your cards on/off
  • Know where every card is stored online
  • Set spending limits based on location, amount, and more
  • Create travel plan notifications 
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Contact merchants directly based on transactions

Download our mobile banking app today! 

Apple App Store Google Play Store



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preventing fraud with two-way text alerts

United Prairie Bank makes Debit Card security a priority to keep your transactions safe and convenient.

With Two-Way Text Alerts, you'll be notified by SMS text if a suspicious transaction is detected on your card. When a notification is sent, expect a text from '37268'. The message will offer basic information, and will ask you to confirm the purchase by replying with a 'YES' or 'NO'. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate and you can carrying on with your purchases, or as fraudulent and you'll receive a number to call so further action can be taken.

Debit cardholders are automatically enrolled in this service if your current cell phone number is on file.


Two-Way Text Alerts


Switching banks is easy!

United Prairie Bank uses ClickSWITCH to provide you with easy, online assistance to switch your direct deposits, recurring automatic payments, and debit card payments to your new checking account with us. ClickSWITCH allows you to enter your automatic payment info in a secure portal to automatically switch your payments to your United Prairie Bank account with ease. 

Open your account and let's start switching to a bank that helps YOU start earning for your account activities. 

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