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itm banking

live teller service


A community-driven approach to modern banking!

It's a simple solution that delivers a LIVE teller experience when it's most convenient for you, both during and outside of traditional banking hours. 

Extended ITM Live Teller Hours

Monday - Friday  7:00 am to 6:00 pm 
Saturday - 9:00 am to Noon 


itm and atm banking

You can choose to bank one of two ways: ATM or Live ITM Teller

Here's how:

  • Insert your debit card to use the ATM function, 24/7, to withdraw cash, transfer money, check balances and make deposits too!
  • Touch the screen to interact with a live United Prairie Bank teller through two way video. They will be able to assist you with the following:
    • Withdraw cash
    • Make cash or check deposits
    • Cash checks
    • Make loan payments
    • Exchange bills
    • Order checks
    • And more!

meet your united prairie bank itm tellers

get to know the friendly faces that will be serving your banking needs

Headshot ExampleAva Storjohann
ITM Teller
Ava is from Waseca and is excited to be an ITM Teller. "It can take in deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, and many more of the same things you can do through the drive-up window." Her favorite thing about serving clients is getting to know them and helping with everything they need.

Headshot ExampleJeanette Phillips
ITM Teller
Jeanette is from Mankato and is looking forward to offering easy teller-guided transactions through the ITM. She's excited about the convenience ITMs will provide, like, "no deposit or withdrawal slips!" She loves serving clients and providing them with a positive banking experience every time.

Headshot ExampleDawn Artmann
ITM Teller
Dawn is from New Ulm and enjoys seeing the people she grew up with come to the bank and getting to know others new to the community and making them feel welcome. Dawn is excited to serve customers through the ITM with extended hours, "It's nice for people that can't get to the bank during regular banking hours."

Ava Boerboom

ITM Teller
Location: Mankato

Dyana Akemann

ITM Teller
Location: Waseca

Jenna Ludvigson

ITM Teller
Location: Madison

Kristy Haseman

ITM Teller
Location: Mountain Lake / Windom

Lisa Meyeraan

ITM Teller
Location: Mountain Lake / Windom

Nethaya Vongsynha

ITM Teller
Location: Mankato

Shirley Hartzler

ITM Teller
Location: Mountain Lake / Windom

Terry Voss

ITM Teller
Location: Waseca

discover itm banking with a live teller

how do i use an itm? what transactions can I do? how is it different from an atm? we answer these questions and more in our video series and faqs.

Make a Deposit


Cash a Check


Make a Loan Payment


Make a Withdrawal


itm faqs

what is an itm and how is it different than a drive thru?

A traditional drive thru relies on tube systems and drawers and is only open during traditional branch hours. Traditional drive thru ATMs have a limited selection of transactions you can perform (withdraw cash, transfer money, balance inquiry, etc.)

ITM Teller provides a new type of drive thru experience. Most United Prairie locations will have an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) in the first drive thru lane against the building. ITMs look just like an ATM, but with much more capability. You can use the ITM in two ways:

  • As an ATM: You can do all the things that you can do today on our ATMs
  • As an ITM: You can connect real-time with a United Prairie Interactive Teller, (a real person!) through two-way video. 

how does the itm work?

If you want to make a deposit, cash a check, or any other type of transaction that typically involves a teller, just touch the screen, and you will be connected directly to a United Prairie Bank Interactive Teller. You will then see the teller on the screen and start your live service interaction. You’ll be asked to scan your ID or insert your debit card for identification and the teller will help with your transaction. It’s just like if you walked up to a teller inside the branch.

how is an itm different than an atm?

The ITM features a live interaction with a United Prairie Bank Teller just like a drive thru or in-branch teller transaction. Our ITM LIVE teller service is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. This means that you can perform many more transaction types than you can with an ATM with live teller service during regular and extended hours.

The ATM is available 24/7. To use as a traditional ATM, simply insert your debit card to start your transaction. You will be able to perform all the same functions that you can on a regular ATM such as account balance inquiry, withdraw cash, transfer funds between accounts, deposit cash (not including coin) and checks directly through the machine. You will receive a receipt for your transaction that includes images of any checks that you deposit.

what transactions can be done at an itm?

Almost any transaction that can be completed with a teller can be completed with an ITM.

Examples include:

  • Checking/savings deposits
  • Checking/savings withdrawals
  • Balance and Account inquiries
  • Account transfers
  • Check cashing 
  • Loan payments
  • Exchange bills
  • Order checks
  • Change of address
  • Online Banking assistance

can i still use the atm?

Yes, you can choose an ATM transaction or you can choose to do a transaction with a live ITM teller during those business hours if you wish. You can choose to simply make an ATM withdrawal, deposit or transfer funds just like with any other ATM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

is my itm transaction conversation private?

Yes, your conversation is as private in the same manner it would be if you were making a transaction with a teller inside the bank or the drive thru. For your security and quality control, audio and video of each transaction will be recorded.  There is a chat function available on our ITMs if you prefer to type in your inquiry for security. 

what if i have coin to deposit or a check to cash that includes change?

If you need to deposit coin, you can still use the drive up tube or commercial lane during those designated hours or make a night deposit that will be deposited on the next business day if dropped after 8:30 a.m. 

If you need to cash a check for an amount that includes change, you can. Our ITMs do dispense change, but cannot accept coin in deposits. 

why is united prairie bank using interactive teller machines?

United Prairie Bank is always looking to provide convenience for our customers to bank when and how they want in a safe and secure way.

There are a number of benefits for our customers:

  • You will have access to live banking support through extended hours beyond our traditional bank and drive thru hours.
  • You will have uninterrupted live service from United Prairie Bank tellers during ITM banking hours even during severe weather conditions or branch closures for other issues.
  • You can complete up to 95% of typical teller transactions—like deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments with the ITM without having to get out of your vehicle.

Double UP Your Deposit contest rules

Make a deposit at an ITM between October 1-31, 2023 for a chance to Double UP Your Deposit. Deposit with a Live Video Teller or Deposit with the 24-Hour ATM.

No purchase necessary. Three winners will be drawn and receive a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000 to double their deposit made in the ITM during the month of October. Bonus will be credited to the winner’s deposit account that received the entry deposit during the campaign. Winners will be chosen by November 8th, 2023. 1099 may be issued at year end.

Online and Mobile Banking Security Upgrade is coming! Starting Wednesday, December 6th, you will be asked to provide your phone number upon your first login attempt. By doing so, our online and mobile banking system will be able to better identify that you are the one accessing your online accounts with United Prairie Bank! Your security is our priority! Click to learn more about this security upgrade. 

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