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Our Service Approach

It’s important to us that each of our clients receives the level of service they need to keep in touch with their financial goals. One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to investing. We seek to help our clients determine:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Retirement income expectations
  • Plans for their funds
  • And much more

Once we can identify those key goals for that client, then the work begins in building a plan to meet those expectations.

Do you want to test your risk tolerance? Contact one of our Investment Reps to complete your own risk assessment. 

Our Service Model

We offer our clients service package options to help deliver the service level that best meets their financial goals.

Growth focused management
Bronze Level
Core focused management
Silver Level
Financial planning
Platinum Level
Comprehensive Wealth Management
  • Receive - Annual Phone Review
  • Transactional business only
  • Receive – 1 meeting per year
  • Review goals and objectives
  • Risk tolerance analysis
  • Investment policy statement
  • Net-worth analysis
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax and cost basis reporting
  • Financial Plan development
  • Receive – 2 meetings per year
  • Financial position analysis
  • Retirement need analysis
  • Distribution strategies
  • Education funding strategies
  • Tax planning
  • Protection planning
  • Estate planning
  • Account aggregation
  • Document vaulting
  • Plus all services included in Bronze Level
  • Receive – 3-4 meetings per year
  • Conservation of wealth
  • Gifting
  • Trust integration
  • Charitable giving tax strategies
  • Executive compensation
  • Business planning
  • Plus all services included in Bronze and Silver Levels

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Our Investment team is ready to help you meet your financial goals.  

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