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Times can get tough when dollars are tight. We want to help you with tools to help manage your funds.


ProtectU - overdraft program

United Prairie offers options that can help avoid and manage overdrafts and overdraft expenses. Our ProtectU line of services allow you the flexibility to determine how you'd prefer to manage your account overdrafts, if they should occur. 

United Prairie Bank wishes to strive to pay our customers' overdrawn items when possible. It's important that you understand all of the options available to you. 


Overdraft Services Chart

  ProtectUProtectU PlusProtectU Sweep

ProtectU LOC*



At our discretion, the bank will strive to pay non-sufficient fund items (except ATM withdrawals and daily debit card transactions) presented against your account instead of returning the items unpaid.

When added to ProtectU, the bank will strive to pay all types of non-sufficient fund items presented against your account instead of returning the items unpaid.

Establishes an automatic transfer to your checking account from another UPB deposit account.

Establishes a personal line of credit linked to your UPB checking account. This service automatically advances when you make a transaction that exceeds the balance available in your checking account.


How to Add Service

Comes with your account

You can authorize

Request this

Apply for this




Transactions Covered






ACH and Other Transactions





ATM Withdrawals





Daily Debit Card Transactions







No fee for the service unless you overdraft. $35 per overdraft whether the item is paid or returned.

No fee to enroll. You are only charged if you have an overdraft. $35 per overdraft.

$5 fee per sweep.

$35 annual fee. Outstanding balances are assessed an annual percentage rate of 18%.

*Subject to application approval.



If you would like assistance in setting up and seeking approval for either of these options, please get in touch with our experts. We can help avoid those occurrences or help build a rainy day savings plan as well.

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What You Need to Know About Overdrafts

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.

Do you want United Prairie to pay your overdrawn items?

If your answer is yes, the ProtectU information above can help showcase how Overdrafts can work for your deposit accounts at United Prairie. You can request for your debit card and ATM withdrawals to be approved and NOT declined.

What are the standard overdraft practices that come with my account?

We generally let your ACH payments and checks go through your account.

We do not authorize and pay overdrafts for your one-time debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals unless you request we do so. If you would like to authorize United Prairie Bank to pay your one-time debit card and ATM transactions, please call your local branch for more information or complete the "Opt In" form below. We need to have your decision to make this change to your account. 

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay ANY type of transaction.

What fees will I be charged if I have an overdraft on my account?

A fee of $35 will be assessed for each overdraft item that we pay or return. 

There is a limit of 6 fees per day we can charge you for overdrawing your account. Six overdraft fees is $210.

What if I request that United Prairie Bank authorize and pay overdrafts on my one-time debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals?

For consumer accounts only, if you also want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on one-time debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals, stop by any of our locations or complete this opt-in form online. We need your decision to make this change to your account. 

Are you ready to Opt in for the protectu plus program (authorize one-time debit card and atm transactions to be paid)

You understand by opting in, that:

  1. Your opt-in applies only to the account indicated on the form;
  2. You can change your overdraft service option at any time;
  3. United Prairie may authorize any transaction even if it overdraws your account, and;
  4. You will be charged a $35 fee for each overdraft covered by this opt-in.

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Please do not include sensitive information such as your entire social security number or entire account number on this form.

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