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The privacy of our customers is a top priority. Learn how you have control of your information. 



Why it matters

We want to ensure you have the knowledge of how we use your personal information to do business and help guide you in your financial success with our partners. Our Privacy Notice defines this information for our clients.

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How can I limit my contacts from United Prairie for Marketing?

United Prairie will only reach out to you with marketing if we feel there is a possible financial need we can help you with, however you can opt out of this sharing where permitted.

If you’d like to Opt Out to limit sharing of your information, complete the Opt Out form below.

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Online and Mobile Banking Security Upgrade is coming! Starting Wednesday, December 6th, you will be asked to provide your phone number upon your first login attempt. By doing so, our online and mobile banking system will be able to better identify that you are the one accessing your online accounts with United Prairie Bank! Your security is our priority! Click to learn more about this security upgrade. 

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