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claims and payments

Give our Customer Service Team a call 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday 


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Need to Make a Claim or Policy Change?

Give us a call or fill out our Claim Request Form.

If you wish to contact the Carrier directly. Here are our most-used companies:

Auto Owners   
Claims 888.252.4626 or Online 
Policy Questions 517.323.1200

Continental Western Group  
Claims 866.232.6724 or Online
Policy Questions 800.235.2942

Claims 888.362.2255 or Online
Policy Questions 800.447.2295

Grinnell Mutual 
Claims 877.467.2252 or Online
Policy Questions 800.362.2041 

The Hartford
Claims 800.243.5860 or Online
Policy Questions 860.547.500

Claims 800.282.1446 or Online
Policy Questions 800.532.1436

North Star
Claims: Learn More
Policy Questions 800.622.5230

Claims 800.925.2886 or Online 
Policy Questions 800.888.7764

Claims 218.879.3321 Ext 2265
Policy Questions 218.879.3321

Claims 800.252.4633 or Online
Policy questions 800.842.5075

Western National
Claims 800.862.6070 Ext 7164 or Online
Policy Questions 952.835.5350

Fairmont Farmers
Claims and Policy Questions 507.235.9476

Heartland Mutual
Claims and Policy Questions 507.472.8216

Southwest Mutual
Claims and Policy Questions 507.483.2222


Health insurance Companies 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
Policy Questions 800.382.2000

Health Partners
Policy Questions 952.883.6000

Policy Questions 800.486.2620

Policy Questions 952.992.2900

Preferred One
Policy Questions 800.940.5049

Policy Questions Medicare 877.523.1515

Crop Carriers

Claims and Policy Questions 763.427.3770

Great American Crop Division
Claims 844.424.4669 or Online
Policy Questions 800.587.1553


Like Technology?

We do too! Many of our carriers offer apps and tools to make life easier.

Give us a call to learn more or visit the carrier’s site or the App Store to get started today.

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