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Personal Savings, Money Markets and Health Savings Accounts




Savings & Money Market Comparison Chart

AccountsGrowth SavingsSuccess Money Market 


Simple starter savings

Check writing available from this savings vehicle

Monthly Transaction Fees per item over 6 debits



Monthly Service Charge



Waived for age 18 and under or 62 and over


Monthly Service Charge Waived if Minimum Daily Balance is



 Open an Account

Open Account 

Open Account 


Specialty Savings and Health Savings Accounts


Specialty AccountsCompanion SavingsCollege SavingsHealth Savings Account (HSA)Limited Edition Savings


Savings and Certificate of Deposit combo to stay liquid

Starting early is best to make the most of it

A great match for your high-deductible health plan

Opened only with maturing Certificate of Deposit funds

Access your funds

Unlimited withdrawals
(in-person only)

Account matures in June following the child's high school graduation.
No withdrawals until that time. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal before maturity.

Pay your expenses with a debit card, checks, Bill Pay or cash

Unlimited withdrawals
(in-person only)



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